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Cold Sparks

Cold Sparks from Mirror Me Photo Booth add these to any Photo Booth package
Cold Sparks in San Diego for you next event

Create Magic and a Beautiful setting with our Cold Sparks. 

Cold sparks look stunning and epic in photos and videos. Our Cold Sparks are indoor and outdoor-safe because they don't use any open flames (unlike sparklers). The sparks are cool to the touch, smokeless, and have no smell, environmentally friendly, legal, safe and so exciting. 

We use our Cold Sparks to light up any special event. We can move them throughout your event and typically have multiple 90 second rounds displaying the cold sparks. Most common use  for these are your grand entrance, grand exit, first dance, however we can use them as you wish!  We customize them to your event - we can adjust the height of the sparks as well.

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